Wednesday, September 5, 2012

PKM Strategy in my life

I think i need PKM in my daily life i have to knowing WHAT i know. when i working in media i need to know who i will take from them quotes. and i have to know what his contact number .
with my family i must know how can i educate them that i have to know what i need to teach them that will be reflection to our life

In my daily work i have  knowing HOW to get what i know i have to read a lot news or watch many report very day even a newspaper to get a new knowledge i have to mange that to learning to development  my level of media

we have to know from WHO will get a new knowledge by website or who has experience. but now i can get new information via Fareedah . In my newspaper we using that website for share knowledge we make networking with others friend how has same interest.

an otherwise i have to know  WHERE i can get that knowledge i have to ask my friends about that what the new news or behind the stage then i have to mange it in my archives in my laptop or to Google drive 
because i cant carry all my information anywhere but now i can use it any time and anywhere but Google drive i have to know HOW to use what i know with another journalist to share the data or contact  by new method .  

With all this i have to use my information and  new technological even my friend who has same job to mange my life and developed my job  


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

PKM skills in my daily life


We have to share  knowledge (contacts, information, tasks  and news at  my newspaper.
 We shear knowledge via online program start from edit the news until print it as newspaper
The editor start to search for  a new news by my life or modify story or acquiring knowledge form another Source then I have to sent that Press releas to my newspaper  by fareeda . in this time  many of media company use this program .

When I fish the news I have to send to Disk that man who has to read the news again and correct if I have misspellings when he do that I will know what wrong I have . then he will sent to my boss then he will he will accept the news .after that he will sent to directed technical then to the printing press.
Everyone know his time and his wrong so we have a new knowledge how can make the news better


For reporter the contact its needful to ask the officials or one who has position or meet him to make my report. Whatever if I didt have the number of any one I can get the number form any one who work in the media in the world .

Anther wise  I have to know that officials before I want meet him  what he like? what he dislike?  what the good time to meet him  him? how can I ask him? actually I must to know how can i communicate .with them 

  when i was in my country  i had meeting Every  week  with close friends who  working on media 
  we share KM what the news  specifically  any news and we share information  then what we well know if same one like a new idea >

  usually i use  Google  drive . calendar   doc  to save my information and shear  it with my 


with my kids 

 my kids like ask me lot  some times they are boring but i have to have  patience and i have to answer

because i think if they didt answer  they will find another one to answer them questions

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

week 8 near transfer

? Ope , alanisari and i had presentation   about near transfer so what dose it  mean 
Near Transfer occurs when Knowledge a Team has gained doing frequent or repeated tasks is reused . by other teams or projects doing similar work.
 the  knowledge  type of near transfer is explicit  and  we can use data base  KM application or Documentation manual or SOP

  for example : In KL have bunch called bentley but The parent company in Europe  so if they have new  product dont need sent employ to  UK  to know how can they fix  a new car  just will sent                  
to them  guide  or domination  because the already  know how can servers  bentley  cars 

                                                                            Employees are able to repair any the Bentley


   near transfer  doesn't  give  anew knowledge but  can be give you another way to make  your work better  or faster 


week 7 Knowledge transfer

 Knowledge transfer sections

We had  a new topic for Knowledge transfer in 5sections 
Near transfer
Far transfer
Serial transfer
expect transfer
Strategy transfer

Dixon has developed a theory of five knowledge transfer mechanisms, using the following criteria
Her theory depend the following criteria by knowledge type if its tacit or explicit . Or via nature work if it frequent or routine 

Monday, August 6, 2012

week 6 Visit Istana Negara

Visit Istana Negara

      We were in Visit Istana Negara  it was interesting maybe because i like  go to museums . We saw lot of posters talk about  historical era . in that time they were use many thing diffident as old stamp for Sultan   .and we saw old ID even sultan cloths .whatever the history is very important to build the future via children .

i read wisdom some one say  if you don't have past you don't have future. 

The people need more about them past even them sultan  we must learn form past mistake so we can do that by tacit knowledge via documents as microfilm or posters OR by explicit knowledge via one how has knowledge can share with us that culture or history 


the beginning of round to visit              Istana Negara 

the most interesting knowledge   i knew in Istana Negara that Malaysian people were write them letter by Arabic litter but i think that changed after Colonization .   

A handwritten book by Arabic letters and Malaysia  language  (Bahasa Melayu) 

i think media its fantastic thing to share knowledge because its easy to save and it colorful even  have many effect to be attentions for human specially  for children . 

many devices became  inactive but we have to save old devices to know a new generation how can old generation lived 

old stamp for litters   

old camrea 

A visitor listens t
o some information about the museum

                                                                               knowledge can be expilct with who has knowledge and shear with us  


A visitor explain to another visitors For artifact 


                Souvenir photo

week 5 ICDL conference

    I have been written paper for ICDL conference since two weeks .I have no idea what i should to write to that conference because its  first time but i tried to write some thing then i decide to create some thing between my background and something benefit for many people or something important for big grope . In any case  i decide to write about  
Translation  khuṭbah  in Masjid al-Haram

More than 60 million will benefit from this service

Translation  khuṭbah  in Masjid al-Haram

Azmawati binti Mohd Lazim                                              mohammed  ahmed gharawi
Multimedia University                                                              Multimedia University
Malaysia                                                                                                  Malaysia                                                                



The Muslim Comes  to do Hajj in Mecca , and one of that do in  Mecca salat aljumah  Friday Pray . that Muslim pray on  Worship performed by Muslims every Friday, in which two rak'ah. and the meaning of movements performed by Muslims, it's a kind of prayers for Muslims with a speech from 15 to 30 minutes mostly and the speaker talking about  the issues of Islam and the Islamic nation

Friday Congregational Prayer as a necessary prayer on the Muslim Nation clear in the following verse of the Holy Qur'an:“ O ye who believe, when the call is proclaimed to prayer on friday (the day of assembly), hasten earnestly to the remembrance of allah (subhanahu wa ta'ala) and leave off business (and traffic). That is best for you if ye but knew” (Qur'an 62:9).2 in " Masjid Al-Haram
Is the first mosque for Muslims built by Prophet Ibrahim (peace be upon him) and there is the Kaaba which Muslims pray at it every Muslim in the world, The holy mosque expands in Hajj time more than three million and a half and must the pilgrims go to the holy mosque when they doing their Hajj

, and sometimes the Hajj days be in Friday Where the number of worshipers  become  more than 4 million and the majority of them do not speak Arabic and have difficulty understanding the Friday sermon , so the translate the Friday sermon is very important for non-native speakers


The number of Fridays in the year 54 days, and the number of worshipers in the Holy Mosque in Mecca more than 60 million as well as the Prophet's Mosque"
The Mosque of the Prophet was built in 622 by the Muslim community after they reached the city of Yathrib" 4 which the number of worshipers more than 35 million only in the Friday prayers, the Khutbah"A speech or sermon. It is mostly used to refer to the sermon given during the Friday congregational (Jamaa) prayer."1 by Imam who leads prayers for prays and the Friday speech and required to be a man and have memorized the Qura'an, a book which was revealed to Muhammad peace be upon him by God Almighty

: The idea and the method

Because the non-Muslim Arabic speakers are needed to translate his speeches Friday, the idea emerged to be a translation in different ways, as follows:

1 - through screens placed in front of worshipers, and determine the languages ​​in different places in the Two Holy Mosques and the translation are written directly by a competent translators

2 - through radio waves there are more than 10 radio channels in Saudi Arabia Can be utilized through by appointment an interpreter for the Friday sermon, and Hajj can buy a radio and accommodate the full sermon.

3 - development of the program that converts sound into writing as a IBM Via Voice 3 is a specialist in the translation of audio materials to the writing, and the solution lies in development the program to include the Arabic language
4 - through the wireless where can allowed anyone have smart phone to access the application through the sermon he could hear and read directly


1 - Many pilgrims come to
Masjid Al-Haram one time in his lifetime according to the teachings of the Islamic religion in hajj" Hajj Pillar of the five pillars of Islam on which the Islam based on it . and every Muslim have go to Makkah ones in his/her life so that will complete the religion, the Muslim must be visit the Grand Mosque in Mecca once in a lifetime , so that the translate opportunity  is a unique and important for understanding speech
2 - can be developed  the idea to  used in the mosques of Muslims in various parts of the world whish speaking local languages


1 - of the main obstacles is the doctrinal side, if there are some Muslim scholars do not accept the translation of Friday sermon, and some believe it is necessary to understand the sermon
2 - the difficulty of developing a program can instant translation from Arabic
3 – the difficult to absorb the huge number of foreign languages
4 - Due to congestion of the two Holy Mosques is difficult  to classification the worshipers depend to their languages


Week 4 Knowledge-Centric Driver


In week three the lecture was divided into two parts . had presentation with group 5  and i was in that group . we have been talking about  tacit and explicit knowledge . and i think tacit knowledge is perhaps the most important component of knowledge that exists in your company and one that is least supported by IT. 

our group  were talking Knowledge-Centric Drivers in 6 element
1. The failure of companies to know what they already know.
2. The emergent need for smart knowledge distribution.
3. Knowledge velocity and sluggishness.
4. The problem of knowledge walkouts and high dependence on tacit knowledge.
5. The need to deal with knowledge-hoarding propensity among employees.
6. A need for systemic unlearning.

then we support that element via examples 

Alansari talk about Knowledge-centric Drivers

Alansari talk about Knowledge-centric Drivers

The lecture describes some important points

The lecture describes some important points    


     Then we had activity  the ladies were to explain to us via game to understand tacit and explicit knowledge 
we saw traditional food and how can mad it . it was easy but we need just to try and observe them . 
so i can get  specific knowledge  from any one who has expert and he can give us that knowledge tacit or explicit  

ladies explain to student  how can they make Malaysian  traditional food

ladies explain to student  how can they make Malaysian  traditional food    

mohammed try to do traditional food after he get the knowledge

mohammed try to do traditional food after he get the knowledge